Friday, March 7, 2008

iRobot Create with Sun SPOT

Do you know iRobot Create, Sun SPOT or both of them? If you do, don't you think this combination is pretty cool?

iRobot Create is a derivation of iRobot Roomba which is known as a home cleaning robot. iRobot Create is a developer's version for this cleaning robot and a complete robot development kit that allows you to program new robot behaviors using iRobot Create’s Open Interface (OI).

On the other hand, Sun SPOT (Sun Small Programmable Object Technology) is a small, wireless, battery powered experimental platform from Sun Labs. Sun SPOT greatly simplifies to create a whole new breed of devices (See Sun SPOT for details).

Here, I'll plan to write some internal details of "iRobot Create + Sun SPOT" demo. In this demo, two Sun SPOTs are used; one is for a remote controller and the other is its receiver and controlling iRobot Create behavior (moving, powering on etc.). You can watch a brief demo in the following video:

1 comment:

Eric said...

Cool project. Do you have the details of how you connected the two? I am doing almost the exact same thing, but I cannot figure out how to connect the two.