Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OpenSolaris 2008.05

OpenSolaris 2008.05 is now released. I feel it's much easier to install this than to do Ubuntu 8.04 at least on my Laptop because everything works fine including wifi without any hassle. One thing I had to do is to configure keyboard layout (on x window) to swap Caps Lock and Control keys like the following:
  1. migrate to single-user mode

    From GRUB menu, press "e" to enter edit mode and then hit "e" again to edit the "kernel" line. Add " -m milestone=single-user" to the end of the line. Press return and "b" to boot into single user mode


    From command prompt, execute "svcadm milestone single-user" as the root user

  2. After login, execute

    # /usr/X11bin/xrogcfg

    to create & configure xorg.conf. On the GUI panel, do the following to setup keyboard.

    - press keyboard icon located topside -> select "Add new keyboard" -> "config" window appears, then configure

    Keyboard model -> Japanese 106-key
    Keyboard layout -> Japan
    Xkb options -> Control key position -> Swap Control and CapsLock

    - press ok on the "config" window
    - press Quit on the "xorgcfg" window (after doing this, press "yes" to accept default answers for all questions)

  3. execute svcadm to return to the multi-user mode.

    # svcadm milestone all

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