Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Servo Car [ Sun SPOT app ] (2)

Hardware setup

OK, let's begin with hardware setup. For a servo car, we need the following hardware parts:

Those are
  • Sun SPOT x 2 (one on the car and the other for remote controller)
  • breadboard x 1
  • header pin x 3
  • battery (1.5V x 4) and battery pack
  • servo x 2 (each for right/left wheel)
  • jumper wires
You may find some differences between this and the previous one. Yes, the previous one doesn't use a breadboard because many jumper wires on a car look awful. However, to make it easier (in other words, to avoid any solder or other hassles), let's begin with breadboard kit.

You can choose any servo for this servo car demo, but one caveat is that you have to pick up what is so called "continuous rotation" servo. "continuous rotation" means it rotates forever in the same direction (90/180 degrees rotation servo can't be used for this demo. You know why??)

Next time, I'm showing the connections between components.

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